Joel Osteen’s Funny Parables “The Grandfather, the Young Boy, and the Donkey”

Have you been having a not so good of a day? People annoyed you. Things didn’t go your way? Well, here are some amusing food for your thoughts that can surely make you smile (hopefully) and make you self-reflect, too.

The grandfather, the young boy, and the Donkey”

There was this grandfather. He and his small grandson were taking a trip into town. He started off letting the grandson ride the donkey. He was walking alongside. Someone passed by and said, “Look at that selfish little boy making that old man walk. “ He took the boy off and put him on the ground. He got on the donkey. The boy was walking alongside. Somebody passed by and said, “Look at that man making that little boy walk while he rides. He picked the boy up and got on the donkey with him. A few minutes someone passed and said, “How cruel of the two of you to place that heavy load on the donkey!” By the time they got to town, the grandfather and grandson were carrying the donkey. 🤣🤣🤣

THE BOTTOM LINE –> Are you carrying the donkey? It’s time to put the donkey down. The donkey look doesn’t look good on you. Start running your own race. Start following what God has put in your heart. Everybody has a right to have their opinion and you have the right not to take it. No matter what you do, someone is not going to understand.

Joel Osteen’s Funny Parables, FRESH NEW ATTITUDE Neighbor’s Dirty Laundry Joke/Parable

P.S. If you ever feel like you need some sources of inspiration or enlightenment, watch JOEL OSTEEN’s sermons on Youtube. Who knows you really will. 😚

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