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As Mindy Gledhill’s Pocketful of Poetry song goes “I don’t do well if I’m kept behind an office desk inside it makes me lose my mind which wonders endlessly where all the birds fly freely with their silhouettes and perfect symmetry. I’ve got a pocketful of poetry”, I’ve got a head full of thoughts and a hand with wings and then I’m murdering the lyrics of the song now 😀 Anyway, I am sure you get what I mean. Hence, welcome to my outlet, receptacle and or collection of some random, sometimes emotional dramatic thoughts and creative pursuits. WANDER WHERE YOUR CURIOUS SOUL TAKES YOU. Ciao

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When You’re Just You I am sharing this video because I have never felt so at home with myself as I am now. I am at peace with who I am and who I have been that’s why I am just so happy I can just joke around like this (as seen in the video) with no pretentions.…

Happy Mother’s Day

Introduction It’s mother’s day again and in my 30 years of existence, generally, my mother and I don’t really get along well. I have only expressed sincere words of appreciation to my mother once. But at this point in my life, I just want to live in peace and focus on coming to terms with…


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