Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile

Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things. …

This is how I would say it if you would ask me why despite what I had been through, I’m still trying to paint a beautiful curve on my face. And this photograph represents so much of what I believe in and what I want to impart to others.

So here’s a little background of this photo:

I was in that phase when I was so attached to either that guy or to the idea of being truly madly in love with that someone whom I thought or wanted to be “the one”. Well, as young as we are, we are easily consumed by the idea of falling in love and being with that someone who gives us thrills and chills and then it makes us wonder about different things. So when we meet the one whom we thought is “the one” well, yeah we get swept off by our feet in that instant.

Well, so here’s a background story of this photo:

This time I was “in love” with him or the idea of being in love (though I really like him and it is “like him” because I still do, okay? At least until this time of the writing). Anyway, I was in this madly in love phase (eww I just don’t want to use the “Honeymoon phase” term I don’t know why) of a relationship. Then I got hurt, got heartbroken and disappointed. From then,  I was so like devastated and then from time to time I would feel super sad but instead of dealing with such low depressing kind of feeling, I chose to go to the beach with my best friend. And unexpectedly I had so much fun— so much that I was able to forget what I was feeling the whole time. At the end of the  day, my realization was, happiness is just around the corners and sometimes you just got to pay these corners some visits or create your own happy corners because happiness in this case, is a matter of choice, after all.

So you get up, choose to be happy and just try to always capture the good vibes. No matter what it is we are going through, we can overcome it. If we try to.

Photo by: @imteilujroipocin bff ❤ || Header line is from my best friend too — the largest search engine in the world

Processed with VSCO with preset
Processed with VSCO with preset

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