Sadness is her enemy

Imagine how sad life can be,

when this kind of sadness comes your way!

Today is again sad and lonely,

Oh sadness please go away,

Though I’m not the type who’d prefer misery

But why does this kind of feeling keeps coming back to me?

This keeps me in awe,

of how unimaginable this life could be

day by day, the pattern I can see

Oh how I wish to go back to those days

When nothing really worries and frightens me

Looking at my friend, all of these I hear and see

Looking back, she was always inspired,

“Life amazes me”, she’d say

Full of dreams and always determined in so many ways

Now all I can do is hope and pray

That all this sadness go away

For my friend to be aspired and lively,

And that wisdom be on her way,

So she’ll see the beauty life set free

Every day in her little way,

She’s fighting her worst enemy

She is trying to be the best person she could ever be

But oh my gosh!!! “What really is happening to me?”

At the end of a very long fighting day

This, is still what I always hear her say

Oh poor dear, how I wish to lead your sadness  astray…

So you can live life again and be amazing

As all of us are destined to be.

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