Things that gave me joy today 12-07-2019

-On my way to work early this morning, I offered a seat to an elderly lady and she was surprised and felt really grateful and she smiled. She looked fine standing but I couldn’t bare it. I was scared of actually doing what I did because she might take it differently knowing their culture (Japan) but I also thought that even when she wanted to, of course she would not dare to ask. I’m glad I listened to my heart and it was a genuine reaction I’ve seen from her. She wasn’t angry and it was a relief seeing her smile, I felt a real light warm sensation inside my heart and it was purely light and joyful. 

-In the evening, I asked the train driver if the train was heading to Hoya station he smiled at me kindly and answered “shakoji koen change” and I smiled but then I wasn’t able to say “thank you” i felt uneasy and so I knew i had to really let him know how grateful I was. While on board, I felt like he intentionally repeated the reminders about changing the train at the next station even if it was in Japanese and “Hoya desu…” was always emphasized. Normally, I would hear it twice. First, when the train starts leaving then second when the train is about to arrive at the station. But it was more than that. When I got off at Shakoji Koen, I walked few cars back to be where the train driver was, he was checking on the passengers getting off the train and then I said “Arigatou gozaimashita” and he was “Ah” that reaction showing “Oh yes, you!” And then he smiled and he bowed. And then I left. Ahhh that feeling of lightness in my heart again that makes me genuinely smile while walking alone. And I felt so satisfied after I had expressed that “Thank you” he deserved.

-After getting off from the train which I took from Shakuji-Koen station, everybody was getting off for my station was the last stop. While walking, I could hear the Japanese announcement which I understood upon looking at the blinking words at the schedule board that says “Not taking passengers”. Since I was still feeling the lightness and happiness in my heart, I just enjoyed my time looking at the train on the left side as I was walking alongside with it. Then, there’s a woman sitting alone who seemed to be sleeping in the train. I walked past her but I couldn’t be at ease knowing she might be left there so I had to take a few steps back and  I knocked on the transparent window of the train that awakened her. And I was just simply glad she got up then head towards the train car door and got off then I left right away smiling. Ahhh I felt so good tonight. I was walking to my house happily even if it was 5 degrees cold tonight.

My day just felt like I just had a long refreshing relaxing vacation after working for a long period of time all because I think I did kind things and my heart is just happy I did them.

My realization is “One can never really go wrong with kindness. (When I offered the seat) Kindness ripples. (When the train driver was so kind to me when he could have just ignored me because I did not speak the language nor he spoke mine) It pays to pay attention to what your intuition is telling you. (I feel at ease and relaxed knowing I had done what I felt I had to do because often times, I feel hesitant because I always think of other people’s reaction to what I am doing.)


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