Inside a strong independent “walled” soul

May we widen our perspectives that sometimes inside a STRONG INDEPENDENT (appears to be) WALLED soul is a human struggling to emerge as victoriously in overcoming her own weaknesses and deficiencies as possible. 

We may see the brighter side of him concealing all of his struggles; that he may have not shown his weaknesses but its probably because he has accepted that he has some and is continuously working on it on his own—that despite the wrestle, he still chooses to embody aspirations. 

We may accept that individually, we all have our own fights. It may not be the same with what others have, but what is best is that if we can’t keep it to ourselves, we may not continue denying our own flaws while attributing them to others. While a feeling of discontent aroused by someone else’s possessions is part of our human nature, it is bitterness when the denial of it’s existence is causing others to shed tears. 

We all have our own seasons. You may have been in that area, others may have just started. Let us, at least, if we can’t support one another, not pull each other down. 

We may enjoy each of our seasons and focus on the brighter sides of whatever it brings. [mmdjr]

PS This is for a friend, whose life seems so attractive to those who are just so entitled or who don’t have anything meaningful to talk about. When it comes to private life, we get to decide who we welcome and who we shun, but when some manipulative people want to get in to try and get their tricks on you and couldn’t, they try to do what they think they always do best—painting reds to the white, and everything else they do to get what they want. Anyway, it’s just been so stressful for the past few days hearing them being a little bias about it. I mean, why mess with what makes people happy? We, after all thrive for that. It’s just been so stressful to the point, every time I hear it, my heart is being crashed inside that it becomes too painful I always have to hold my tears back because they are telling things to my face (some obviously are against the principles I am trying to live by— one is “Live you own life, let others live theirs. Unless you are being stomped on, that’s the time you get to stomped them back.) so I have to let it out here.

WALLED — he knows what he wants. He knows what you want from him. And he doesn’t like what you intend to do to him, so he chooses to barricade himself out from you.

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