The farmer’s Two Water Bottles

Once upon a time, there was a farmer who bought two water bottles. But unfortunately, one of them had a big hole in the bottom of it. The farmer used those bottles to put water and brought them to his town. Of course the broken bottle leaked continually and that made him feel useless. The other bottle, to have been feeling proud, used to make tease of him every time he spilled water.

One day, the broken bottle couldn’t stand it anymore and asked the farmer to throw him away. However, the farmer smiled, with saying “Did you see the road in our town recently?” They went back down to the road and there were many beautiful flowers, “Do you see that?” “The water that you have spilled so far has grown these plants.” You may be different with your flaws and everything that separates you from the beauty of others, but you don’t need to be sad and depressed about it. We all have our own purpose. Our imperfections actually offer help to others so cheer up! Life is good, fair and balance. It is just your perspectives. —

Found this one posted on Instagram. Just recently, I have had to deal with changing my perspectives towards some people. After all, it’s only our own mind that we can take control, no matter how exposed we are to toxins. And also, I think it’s good to let some people hear this. Why so critical and condescending to others, friend?

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