Equipment and Teaching Aids

Task 1 – How can the teacher use the board to maximum effect?

  • Always start with a clean board
  • Write legibly and neatly
  • Use the correct writing tool for the board
  • Keep the board clear and easy to read
  • Section off the board to give areas for vocabulary, and grammar notes (using of columns is suggested)
  • Use different colors to highlight particular language points to focus on, or to show irregularities, differences in language, etc.
  • Write the appropriate size text (to the size of the board and making sure it is visible and legible from the back of the class)
  • Only put essential or requested information on the board
  • Erase what is no longer needed
  • Involve the students in the writing process
  • Always clean the board at the end of the lesson

Task 2 – How would you use a DVD player or video player/recorder effectively in the classroom? What factors would you need to consider?

For effective use of DVD/video player or recorder in the classroom, the following factors are to be considered:

  1. The monitor (usually the TV screen) should be big enough and located in the correct place where all students can see it clearly.
  2. The audio must be clear and loud enough i.e. appropriate to the size of the classroom, the distance the students are from the speakers considering external noise (if there is any).
  3. The content of what is being shown must be relevant to the purpose and the task.
  4. The viewing must have some purpose and task (not just for the sake of showing).
  5. The operation or the how to operate the equipment. Both the students and especially the teacher should be knowledgeable when it comes to using the said equipment. There isn’t much point in recording an activity if the picture/video isn’t clear or the sound isn’t audible. In particular, this is necessary when giving activities that require the students to operate the equipment on their own.

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