The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle)

The Key to Spiritual Dimension

According to the (writing in) the book particularly “The Key to Spiritual Dimension” part, life-threatening emergency situations make people be more focused in the PRESENT.

In life-threatening emergency situations, the shift in consciousness from time to presence sometimes happens naturally. The personality that has a past and a future momentarily recedes and is replaced by an intense conscious presence, very still but very alert at the same time. Whatever response is needed then arise out of that state of consciousness.

The reason why some people love to engage in dangerous activities, although they may not be aware of it, is that it forces them into the NOW–that intensely alive state that is free of time, free of problems, free of thinking, free of the burden of the personality. Slipping away from the present moment even for a second may mean death. Unfortunately, they come to depend on a particular activity to be in that state. But you don’t need to climb the north face of the Eiger. You can enter the state now.

How to be in the state of NOW? I recommend you guys to read the book. It’s indeed enlightening.

As what set apart human beings from animals is the ability to think, it denotes that one is bound to do so. However, overdoing it like “overthinking” slash worrying so much nor not doing any thinking at all “drifting” could lead to anxiety or depression or what a friend said “a dark place” –totally not a good place to be at to warn you, yet subtly tempting and somehow unconsciously addictive. Luckily, this book is a very good help to becoming (or more) aware and controlling one’s (mostly excessive) thought.

Honestly, the concept of “The Power of Now” wasn’t really new to me when a friend introduced it. In my growing years, I have somehow heard and presumably acquired the “wisdom” of it, but still I was super glad a friend reminded me to read it and I was able to really embody and understand the real “POWER” it has. I was really hesitant at first because I was like “I already knew about it and I am not depressed or whatsoever” blah blah and so on but I didn’t really realize that back then, it was just a mere concept, and reading it made me see how my “I already knew it slash I am not depressed whatsoever” was so not right.

Gladly, humility got through me as I was going through a phase (unfortunately, not so pleasant but had really made an impact) in my life. That time (while and after reading it), I finally understood what it is really to be in the “NOW” state. Since then, I have become consciously aware of my thoughts and whatnot. It has been really easy to trace and recognize my thought patterns. Finding simple joys has never been so simple and I notice I had been having peace and when my thought gets overwhelming, I just remember “The Power of Now”. I remind myself not to get attached of my false self. This is why I can never be so thankful of my sister for gifting me a copy of this book that I always love to keep to myself which I open occasionally.

Give it a try. It is enlightening!

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