Happiness is…what?

Think of a paradise. A paradisiac place to be specific. Hmm but well, yeah metaphorically do so if that is what paradise is for you.

Imagine that you just arrived there. A place you have always wanted to be at in the whole wide world. You have spent all your conscious years daydreaming wishing fantasizing to be there.

Now, the time has come and you are really finally there. What’s more, the place is way much more and more magnificent than you imagine it would be. You are floating on cloud nine and suddenly,…. a welcoming thought is you wishing someone else was there with you, instead. It is just a whim thought coming out from nowhere. Then, you realize that you know you should not think nor entertain this kind because reality says you are with a different somebody –not the one you wish was with you of course, so, you tell yourself to focus on what is there not on what is NOT there.

You convince yourself to shrug that nasty thought off because for once, the person you are with is the most kind, caring, loving, understanding, considerate of you and above all, very thoughtful. He is the one who is taking you to where you are now without even the need of you telling him to do so. He just happened to do it because he cares for you and the things that you like and he just figured things like this out to himself. That is how much he cares for you.

Then, as you were disregarding that insolent ungrateful thought, another one came dawning on you. “I am happy thrilled more than elated to be here yet why would a thought like that come out all of a sudden? Why am I not equally delighted realizing I am with this person?” Then, the wondering continues. “I ought to control my thoughts and I will do so because it is just righteous or if not, I will break a kind soul’s heart.”

As you tried to not make your thoughts obvious so as not to be asked what or why and whatnot, the question you ask to yourself is this, “Which one would be happiness? Is it something that makes your heart naturally flutters making you blush, all giddy and stuff because of a single thought perhaps coming from being highly thrilled in the moment or is it the feeling you would get by doing the righteous thing; spending a conscious effort controlling and ridding your mind of things you should not be thinking of?

Hmmm is happiness even a thing you call in this situation?

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