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Are you new to blogging or do you consider yourself a seasoned blogger? No doubt, I fall into the latter group. I started this little blog of mine nine years ago – January 2012. On one hand, it seems like just yesterday and on the other hand, it feels like a lifetime ago. Time can […]

My Blog Plan for 2021 — Live Laugh RV

What does this mean to me? Why am I here?

I couldn’t be more grateful that I have come across this author last night through the writing she shared as what you see as the main photo above. She whose humble spirit and kindness speaks through her written words as if they were spoken to me in the most resonating friendly voice which made me self-reflect of my own accord. Nothing in what she wrote was intently persuading nor imposing for the readers to do anything, she was just sharing about her plan for the year yet how comfortable I was and most relaxed reading it and it was simply noteworthy. It was light and simply inspiring. And the next thing I knew, I was self-reflecting, admired how she sounded so sincere and realized what I want to be as a writer. I was very thankful I was able to do it because I had been feeling the need for it recently.

For the last few days, I have been able to do my what I tasked myself to but I had felt I really needed to spend time reflecting why I am doing it. As you can see on the tags in every writing I put recently, I have challenged myself to do a 30-Day Writing Challenge. It isn’t strictly like a novel-writing-challenge kind but rather just-what-I-think-of-the-moment-I-sit-down-because-it’s-my-schedule-to-write kind. You know, for the purpose of me improving my writing (no matter how cringey they may be and most of all uncomfortable knowing they are cringey). So far, I have been able to keep up with my schedule. However, in the next few days after I started doing it, something started bothering me, too.

The main reason I am here was firstly, to express what I do not feel comfortable sharing to the people around me. Things that can possibly be the source of a heated discussion or awkward interaction and etc. I am not one for confrontation especially if it’s something that can still be tolerated. That’s why when some negative feelings are surfacing because of people’s doing, I tend to suck them up, maintain my cool and then just let it go. If it still bothers me for few more days that’s the time I express in writing what troubles my head and then just like magic, they just disappear. However though, when I created this site where I can express myself freely, I realized that some people would still be able to see it especially if and when I publish any of my writings. Hence, the second reason for my being here is brought to life.

In my journey of coming back to life, I learned a lot. One of the my learnings is the secret to finding joy in life. I’m telling you if you’re gonna ask me though who I heard it from, I could not remember and list them exactly because it is a finding common from different individuals. All of these remarkable people say that GIVING is what makes life meaningful. Joy is when you stop expecting what you can receive from people and focusing on what you can give, instead. And I have been applying this principle since then and I have proven it to myself it works. Joy is there when we give with or without the returns. And giving does not necessarily mean handing a tangible object to anyone for free. Giving covers everything we share out to the world.

Since I like the freedom I feel when I am able to finally let go of the heavy feelings lurking inside me when I write them off, I realized that people can see and read them on this platform. I started noticing people visiting every now and then. In this case, I had to ask myself, “In this situation now, in what way can I give?”. And this is when I started considering what might I let the people receive when they spend time reading what I am writing. This is why aside from my emotions and random thoughts, I included some things that might be useful to people in any ways. Apparently, in the last few days since I started this 30 Day Writing Challenge to myself, there were days I didn’t bother and ignore this giving principle. I wasn’t thoroughly considering what people might get in what I have been writing. I was merely expressing and it has been bothering me to be honest.

That’s why when I read this writing last night, I couldn’t be more grateful for it brought me to reflect what kind of writer I wanted to be. And what I realized is that I wanted to be someone who give people that kind of feeling I was having when I read @Ingrid ‘s post. As of the moment though, I still have a lot to learn about writing, about being a writer, about translating my thoughts and emotions in words as vividly as it can paint pictures in the reader’s mind. And this is the third main reason I am here. I want to improve myself in this area for it offers me comfort. Hence, all the more I have to think of how I can give back in return.

This is a note that in my 30 Day Writing journey, I have come across someone so resonating and inspiring. Here’s to more writers like @Ingrid. I am happy and grateful. Thank you for the inspiration.

P.S. I still do not know how to automatically tag authors here so I am sharing her blog, adding links and pictures instead.

Thank you for being here and for reading.

NOTE: was written and published on Jan. 25, 2021 (same time) but due to..

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  1. This is such a beautiful read because it is so honest and sincere. The fundamental emotional needs of human beings are all the same. We are all bound by our need to overcome suffering. So when somebody writes with all honesty and sincerity, it automatically resonates with the reader. Writing for me, is a communion with my own self- a means of keeping in touch with my inner world. Please keep writing! ❤️

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