What Does It Mean When You Dreamed about a Snake?

I’m really not that superstitious anymore but I woke up bothered by the vivid images left in my head from a dream. I guess it was the feeling (because I just find snakes the scariest) during the dream state that made everything clearer. I was puzzled by it because growing up, I was told that SNAKES mean betrayal—a person or two closer to you is and or about to betray you. I wanted to know what else is out there so I googled it and here’s what my curiosity got me.

  1. It typically represents a person in the dreamer’s life who exhibits low, dirty, toxic, or poisonous behavior….
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This one is closer to the recent happenings in my life. I may have doubted some people in my life hours before I went to bed. I may have thought that maybe they are not being completely open with me, and I may have also concerned myself about trusting someone, but I did not think of snakes, though. It’s strange sometimes how our subconscious manifest things in our dreams.

This article, it provided interpretations based on how the snakes are in a dream. This was mine.

Mine was scary because it was a big kind of anaconda + cobra looking snake and it was hiding in the ceiling of the house of my second fam. It was huge and white which in the later scenes in my dream turned black. It attacked a person I knew (he already passed away because of old age) who was the owner of that house. He attacked and swallowed him and I was just standing there and couldn’t do anything. I was just looking at how he slowly swallowed until half of his body and then decided to look for something to help and then realized there was nothing I could do because the snake was huge and I just thought it was wise not to anger the snake any longer because maybe it would just befriend me and exempt me from its meal. And we know how our dreams work, right? Like how we become instant directors and it goes however we want it to go? That’s what happened at this scene. It didn’t attack me because I didn’t do anything because it was too late, anyway because I was like at least, it would have its meal and not include me πŸ˜‚

2. It means that you are moving forward, are healing and have entered a phase of personal transformation. (This one is personally true to my life right now.)

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Amazing enough, it seems that most of this article’s interpretations are closer to what has been going on with my life recently. Continue reading below


Uhmm haha nope. Mine is not this one unfortunately. It would have been better if the snake or snakes were sliding in into my bedπŸ˜‚


Well, in my case this one’s true. In connection to my doubts of people not telling me things completely, after I had thought of it and I actually shrugged it off because I thought for sure they have reasons and if people want to let you know about something, most of the time you need not to ask. They just tell you immediately. Aside from this, I have felt like I have entered a phase of personal transformation in a lot of things. For instance, I am done worrying about what people has to say. I recently came to believe that I have am totally over it, it’s not crippling me and won’t be doing so anymore. I am genuinely just tuning in to my inner self. Click this to see my post about it.


Remember I mentioned above about me kind of doubting someone and some people? Well, this one says it.


This one is true to me, too. Just recently I got sick and fears come running through my head. For example, my life, my job and whatnot and the only safest refuge it lead me was going back to my spiritual self and to have that profound growth in this area. If I feel lost, I always go back to HIM. β¬†πŸ™


Luckily, it wasn’t harming me in any case. In the following scenes in my dream, the snake was constantly chasing me. It was probably because I was scared of it and I always thought of it chasing me so it ended up following me and terrifying me the whole time (you know THE DIRECTOR’S CUT in us when we dream). Going back to the interpretation above “an aspect of your life you must let go of” — this covers a lot. My instant grumpiness when I am talking to a specific person, a loved one –my late brother and a relationship. “The dream symbolizes the destruction that you are calling upon yourself by holding on to the cherished part. “ Oh no! This sounds like 100% for me. Just earlier this day when I had that dream, I was talking to a friend about this (because I can’t let go of someone) and if she reads this she’d say “See? It’s a destruction holding on to that cherished part! Let him go.” My FREN comment below if you read this πŸ˜›

3. If the snake is attacking you. It almost always symbolizes some form of conflict or problem

To continue reading this one, click this. This article talks about the interpretations based on the colors of the snake

Let me qoute some of the things mentioned in this article “Seeing a white snake is quite rare in waking life, but they do appear often in dreams. White snakes in dreams point to problems with communication. “ Well, in my case, it was a white snake which turned black. I guess it makes sense. I mentioned about people probably not saying things to me because they have reasons of course so I think this one points back to communication. Hence, the white snake. As for the black–the latter part, Dreaming about a black snake attacking is very common. As you might guess, it is generally not a good omen. It means you are trying to escape something in your life, but running away is not an option.  Hahaha this one is funny. LOL. Running away is not an option. Well, in my dream, I didn’t run away, anyway (at least in the beginning). I just started running when I thought of the chance the snake getting hungry again and probably devour me that time. It ‘s a snake so betrayal is in it’s nature. My gosh, what else could I have thought of? πŸ˜‚ Kidding aside, yeah in real life, running away is never an option but there are instances when we should know when to hold on and when to let go. Once we are there, I think letting go doesn’t mean running away anymore. Some things just ought to be left behind. This I know, but application is hard when you are capricious. One minute you are firm, the next day you are forgiving, the next week you are hopeful again and then the cycle continues 😁

4. Dreaming about snakes can indicate that one is healing and moving ahead in life.

Well, I guess that my SUBCONSCIOUS had it all figured out. I have felt recently that I have been growing, healing and by letting go of some things especially those that are holding me back, I feel like I am moving ahead in life. πŸ™‚ I am not saying this just because I am about to end this article. This is real. This is something that I have been feeling when I had to do some introspection during the quarantine days when I got sick.

This article though provides a lot of information and links of topics pertaining to SNAKE DREAMS such as what you can see below. I only included the scenes from my dream. If you want to read more about it. Click this.

In my dream, there were some parts where I wanted to kill the snake while it was trying to swallow the person I know (who is dead now). I wanted to find some sort of Katana, a long, single-edged sword used by Japanese samurai, and slice that snake’s neck but I couldn’t find one and it’s a huge snake, too so I probably would have just angered it before I cut it’s neck so I just chose not to do anything to keep myself safe. πŸ˜‚

Ohmygosh this one’s awful though. I would never eat a snake meat and I would never like to eat it. (insert disgusted emoji) I mean who would? But the symbolism is bad 😲 as I am literally still concerned and uncertain of my health condition with the pandemic these days — Or I am probably back to being superstitious again? haha

Anyway, at the end of my dream, it wasn’t me who ate the snake. I was too scared and tired from the chasing and playing friends with the snake from time to time when I was about to get caught and all I wanted to do especially when I couldn’t pretend to befriend it was just open my eyes because usually when I do that, I would be invisible in my dream so I did this forced my eyes open so that it wouldn’t see me and the next scenes I remember from it was that I wasn’t the director in my dream anymore. I was there it was outside. I can’t remember where it was but we were sitting, we were kind of like trying to help a person whom I know but can’t remember exactly who anymore. I saw that the snake was inside his stomach moving it was huge and then that person was still alive (dreams are weird and like I said I wasn’t controlling the events there anymore this time) and then we were trying to help him and his stomach went open and then we were preparing to hurt or kill the snake when suddenly it changed into a boy and he was looking so innocent. I just remember feeling sorry and saying no wonder he wouldn’t want to hurt me if I was being friendly to him. He was just still a boy who wants someone to care for him but just couldn’t control himself when he turns into a snake. Yet despite it all, him being a snake he didn’t hurt me. No wonder he was just lurking in that house in the beginning and attacked the man but not me. If it wanted to attack me, it could have done it as I was there first before that man was. Then, I remember feeling so sorry and I wanted to be in control of what’s gonna happen in my dream. I wanted to go back to the beginning and just be kind and not be scared of the snake and then help him figure out how not to turn back to being a snake again where the chance of not being able to control his instincts would be difficult. And then, I don’t remember the scenes after that anymore (it’s vague now). I just remember waking up and wanting to go back to sleep again so that I can continue my dream and do right by the snake because he was jut a little boy 😬😳 It’s so weird! Then, when I realized I was already fully wake like I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore, I just got up and then here I am in the middle of the day suddenly reminded of those images so I just have to write this down. 😬 😬 😬

Well, anyway, I am ending it here now those are just some specific details I remember from my dream. Most of the interpretations though are really close to what’s been happening in my life recently, especially on the thoughts I’ve been having on that day (which was yesterday) I dreamed about it. After all, dreams are our subconscious thoughts.

What about you? What do you think of snake dreams? Do you have some other interpretations not mentioned above? Do you think that these interpretations make sense? Feel free to share it below! I would love to hear your thoughts about these.

At the End of the Day, What Does It Mean? and How To Interpret Them

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