Joel Osteen’s Jokes “The Confession of the Three Pastors”

Having a bad day? Well, how about reading something that can make you smile?

“The Confession of the Three Pastors”

I heard about these three pastors that were in a boat fishing together one day. One of them said, “We never get to let our hair down. Let’s each tell the area that we struggle the most so we can pray for each other. “ The first one said, “I hate to admit this, but I have a problem with gambling. I sneak out a lot of nights and go gambling.” The second one said, “I have a problem with cheating. I hardly ever pay my taxes.” The third one just sat there silently. They waited waited and waited but he wouldn’t budge. They said “We are not leaving until you tell us yours. He said, “Alright, my greatest sin is with gossiping and I can’t wait to get off this boat.” Under Construction, Joel Osteen

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