Joel Osteen’s Jokes “St. Peter and the Man who died”

I heard about this man who died and went to heaven. St. Peter escorted him down this long hallway filled with clocks. The hands on the clocks were moving at different speed. Peter explained that every person has a clock. When they sin, the clock ticks. The man saw a clock barely moving. It’s Billy Gram’s clock. There was another clock creeping along and it was Mother Theresa’s clock. He said curiously, “Can I see my clock?” Peter said, “Yeah, we keep yours in the office and use it as a fan.” – Remember Your Dream

Joel Osteen likes to start with something funny before he begins his sermon. What you can see just right after the joke is the title of the sermon video. If you want to watch or listen to it, you can just type Joel Osteen + the title of the sermon on YouTube.

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