Because we all hope for the better

No matter how much you hate the government, do not hope for it’s failure. When it fails, we all fail. We’re all in one boat. If you want a better country, stop talking like you are better than your president. Stop complaining and be a better citizen 🇵🇭


MY FUN FACT: I’m jut sharing those comments because the video was so annoying—so biased. I’m not pro BBM per se but then it occurred to me that since he’s there now, it means that a lot of people have perhaps acknowledged what the country has been needing for a while now. I am not shunning any fears that others have because of what happened in the history (Martial Law and etc.) but then, come to think of it there are a lot of good things that Marcos’s administration had done back then. The media manipulation which occurred from both sides had made it clear which sides of the story they want to portray. The opposition of the Marcoses makes it clear to highlight the downfall inducing fears and what not. The supporters at the same time, while acknowledging these fears,  also acknowledge and are highlighting the positive contributions of the Marcos regime. Seeing both the negatives and the positives, it’s obvious that majority of the people are seeing that the upsides outweigh the downsides. It seems that people are not operating from that fearful standpoint anymore. 

Duterte’s administration had done so well regardless of the backlashing because of how he speaks, how ill-mannered or how he handled some other things, but overall, people see progress & change. The fact that he encourages people to not just rely on the government’s support entirely is like telling PEOPLE HOW TO FISH rather than telling them to WAIT for ANYONE to give them FISHES and for me this is a big start. 

Yes, currently, the people a lot of them, my family, friends, and relatives included need the government’s support the most and all that, but it’s also good that the government itself was encouraging people to survive on its own, do what they could when support wasn’t there yet. 

Duterte’s administration had started this alongside the other positive growth and change-inspiring contributions, and people want it to continue and they are hoping it be done by whoever they put out there. People see that the only way to continue the growth and change they are seeing is to allow people who are willing to do so be in the position. 

Duterte’s administration had done so well for the country that people are hopeful that this goes on and BBM, while PLATAFORMA is unclear, stated he is up for it so people are rooting for it. 

Given the history, BBM’s father’s administration had caused these fears and distrust that some, if not most, or if most if not some, people have. However, it’s also good to acknowledge the majority who voted BBM. Acknowledge that perhaps trusting and putting him there had nothing to do with forgetting what had happened in the past, shunning fears nor being blindsided. Perhaps, it because of the change we all hope to see that people see from the Marcos’s regime and are now seeing in Duterte’s administration. The progress that we can now see, by the way, as part of the major contributions that the Marcos’s administration had. 

Speaking of seeing, it’s also good to acknowledge that both sides are talking about twisted histories and manipulations. The opposition of Marcos or Duterte are always talking about the negative ones. In Duterte’s administration, though, mostly all they can put out there are just petty things. In Marcos senior’s case, of course it is it’s downfall. The supporters of these administrations (Duterte and Marcos) are also saying things against the oppositions. There are things they cannot and choose not to see or accept or forgive, too.  

The opposition of the two administrations are saying that the history has been twisted because kids in school only knows about Marcos senior being the hero while in fact he had acted and had been presented otherwise. In my early years, I was only seeing the latter as the only side of the story, too because it was what was always highlighted. But in the advent of the internet and the social media, the TV industry can not just easily manipulate information anymore. What was always presented was the worst. And yet now, with less manipulation, we have a lot of sources that can present both sides. For instance, this video highlighting moments of President Ferdinand Marcos abroad

Watching this, I remembered my elementary days. When our teachers instilled in us the value of patriotism. This is just one of the few videos of Filipinos that made me feel and reminded me of PATRIOTISM. I can really feel that his heart is for the nation. But then again, I could be biased too because they are just feelings. 😀

If the opposition of Marcoses are claiming that the history is and has been twisted in favor to the Marcoses, I guess it’s fair to say the same thing to them. 

While it’s not good to jump to conclusions, it is also not good to live bitter in fear of what might not happen. It is better to live in hope for a better future. It’s not good that you say the Philippines is doomed because majority of your own people, who do not share the same politics as yours, who voted NOT your candidate are stupid or uneducated or unlike you because you grow up in a more privileged life or whatever names you call them. It’s not good that you say the Philippines is doomed just because majority of the people do not share your views. It’s not good because may be you are right haha. But kidding aside though, it is like saying “I am _____ and you are not because you do not see what I see.” Dang!!! We are all different man. Let’s respect each other’s point of views. This is the whole point of these because we all hope for the better, after all.

P.S. I just found this ⬇️ on Youtube which would have been better if I found it before the writing above haha but this definitely answered WHY FILIPINOS changed their views on Martial Law. It’s not mainly because of manipulation or history twisting.

Filipino Historian Xiao Chua believes that apart from shortcomings in education, some Filipinos have also changed their views about the martial law era and the people power revolution largely because of the disappointing years that followed it with the elite hijacking democracy.

ANC 24/7, Youtube link here

Filipino Historian Xiao Chua believes that apart from shortcomings in education, some Filipinos have also changed their views about the martial law era and the people power revolution largely because of the disappointing years that followed it with the elite hijacking democracy.

Then, there’s a video about Marcos being a villain or a hero

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