My Rainy Days & Headaches

I seem to dislike rainy days these days because I don’t know but my headaches also appear on rainy days or when it is about to rain. I’ve already observed and taken note of all the other factors, possible. I have a different kind of headache these days.

The one I feel when  I am having too much screen time is different from the one I have from a toothpaste with citrus mint and other products including food products I have and still haven’t figured out yet. The headache I feel from a perfume with a strong scent is kind of different from the one due to the smell of cigarettes. Then, it’s also different from the one I have just by thinking about that one person. Geez!!!! Signs of aging this is?

According to my Google search, here are some of the explanations of Rainy Days and Headaches

  1. If you’re prone to getting headaches, you could find that grey skies, high humidity, rising temperatures and storms can all bring on head pain. Pressure changes that cause weather changes are thought to trigger chemical and electrical changes in the brain. This irritates nerves, leading to a headache. Among the 10 items they ( listen as triggers of migraine, no. 1. Relaxing after stress because as the tension subsides, the level of stress hormones drop which causes… , 2. Pent-up anger, 4. Perfume , 5. Bad Weather, 6. Grinding Teeth (I don’t know if I unconsciously grind my teeth at night but I have also listed my teeth as the source of my headache before I came across this article), 7. Bright lights (no wonder I can never feel comfortable without sunglasses on on a bright sunny day), 8. Food triggers (I’ve listed some and also the skipping of meals is so true) are my triggers. –source:
  2. When the outside barometric pressure lowers, it creates a difference between the pressure in the outside air and the air in your sinuses. That can result in pain. The same thing happens when you are on a plane. –source:
  3. Some people who have migraines appear to be more sensitive to changes in the weather. Weather-related triggers include:
  • Bright sunlight
  • Extreme heat or cold
  • Sun glare
  • High humidity
  • Dry air
  • Windy or stormy weather
  • Barometric pressure changes

For some people, weather changes may cause imbalances in brain chemicals, including serotonin, which can prompt a migraine. Weather-related triggers also may worsen a headache caused by other triggers.

If you feel your migraines are triggered by weather, you may be understandably frustrated. After all, you can’t change the weather. However, you can learn which weather changes start a migraine and take steps to lessen their effects by:

  • Keeping a headache diary, listing each migraine, when it happened, how long it lasted and what could have caused it. This can help you determine if you have specific weather triggers.
  • Monitoring weather changes and avoiding triggers if at all possible. For example, stay indoors during very cold or windy weather if these factors appear to trigger your migraines.
  • Taking your migraine medication at the first sign of a migraine.
  • Making healthy lifestyle choices — eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, drink enough water, get enough sleep and keep your stress under control. These factors can help reduce the number and severity of your migraines. –source: mayoclinic

I have several kinds of headaches these days but mostly, it has something to do with my sinus. Arggghhh Covid19 did me good. From the first few months after the infection, I thought it was just post-covid symptoms, but then apparently, it seems like it is or maybe the virus damaged some tissues causing too much sensitivity to everything. I even experienced Tinnitus in February. I thought I only had sun light sensitivity but this time, the smell sensitivity is heightened, too. Demn covid!

Do you have any symptoms you only started feeling after having positive with Covid19, too?

Love yourself, prioritize your health, never go astray where your inspiration takes you and don’t forget to share the good vibes with you!

—marymancee 6-6-2022

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