October Thoughts

All is fair in love and war

I finally understand what this means.

Foolish is someone who refuses to accept the reality —fails to see things as they are because their reality is somehow distorted by their skewed outlook and expectations from life and also because things are not in accordance to what is right.

“It’s necessary to bait the hook to suit the fish.”

—marymancee ✨ || October 7, 2022

No one is intentionally hurting anyone

They’re just trying to keep themselves safe in the ways they know how.

—marymancee ✨ || October 8, 2022 || October 8, 2022

Love Language

Love can be communicated in languages beyond words.

—marymancee ✨ || October 9, 2022

I got me

Got burned, but I learned
Our scars makе us who we are

—marymancee ✨|| October 10, 2022

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