I Got Me

“Tryna play a game, but you don’t play for keeps
Messin’ with a girl from the east side, yeah

On my own and I won’t waste any time
Chasing a ghost who don’t try
I’m top of the shelf, but you helped yourself to somebody else

Don’t really care about all of your mistakes”

“Holding my head again
Making my way through crowded thoughts

Turns out sometimes you’re stronger alone

Bringing out the fight, yeah
Bring on all the lightning
Cause I’m looking for a hero
Look inside the mirror
I find one, oh
Carry the hurt when it gets too hard
Pick it up, dust it off, when I fall
Down 11, I get up 12
Don’t need nobody else
Yeah, I can save myself

Got burned, but I learned
Our scars makе us who we are
Now I’m ten feet tall, ovеr my demons”

Jane The Boy || I Got Me & Save Myself

—marymancee ✨ || October 10, 2022 (P.S. dreamed about my late brother again last night)


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