As if …

It’s not as if we are being forced to do anything with anyone.

What is still annoying is the thought of me being seen as something I was not. Like really. In other aspects of life, I don’t care much but it really gets to my nerves every time it crosses my mind.

The comforting thought today “Travel. Travel. Travel. I get to travel (even if I change my mind when the time comes) because I’ve booked tickets, made some reservations and then actually, there’s no refund for cancellation. Yehey go stupid!!! 😂 But the thought of solitude excites me the most. I strongly feel these trips would be very memorable” Anyway, I still wish there were DELETE buttons in life. Though this means I am still living in the past, a bit.😂😂😂

— marymancee ✨ || October 11, 2022


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