My Kind of Like New Diary,

Dear _ _ _ _ (my kind of like new diary 😂)

I went to bed probably about 10 minutes right after my last text to you last night and I had a really good sleep. It was a deep sleep—one I don’t often have but the alarm I set for yesterday’s (because of the annual medical check up) went off at 6:30 A.M. so my sleep was disrupted, so then I had to turn the alarm off and go back to my slumber haha 

Luckily, I was able to continue m y sleep and then I awoke on my own and the first thing I did was of course check on my clock and it was this. 

My work starts at 1PM and it was almost 2PM and I knew it could not be 2AM because I already got up at 6:30AM coz of the alarm. I started panicking because ohmygosh my company’s management must have been panicking too wondering where I was and I am never the type of employee who causes headache to his employer so that added more to my shocked disoriented self. 

I grabbed my phone to confirm what time it really was and then oh no!!! It really was not afternoon yet haha it was still 8:30AM and I was so relieved and because I had a good sleep, I took my time and had a refreshing me-time in the morning. Work out, took a long shower and prepared for work. 

Unfortunately, I still have some backlogs from last week. Remember when I said I couldn’t focused at all because of what had happened (haha there’s no need for me to say it again you know what it is)? So I couldn’t get anything done and so last night before going to sleep, I reflected on how my day was yesterday. Had I been productive? Had I done what I was supposed to do? The answer was no for both. So I told myself I was to focus on where I am today. If I was at work, I have to be at work physically and mentally 😂 The reason why I couldn’t reply to you today. My job just requires a lot of mental energy and sometimes I just don’t have a lot or even enough for it so haha I had no excess for you today 😂.

And being like this is just fun but also exhausting and I am still learning. || November 30, 2022


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