My favorite restaurant is…

Daily writing prompt
What is your favorite restaurant?

anywhere. Restaurants where I could just eat and satiate all of my life’s hunger and most of the time, I go to these kinds when I feel lost in life. Also, when I crave eating out and miss seeing the world’s whereabouts. Both of them, most often than not, come at the same time. When these longings arrive, I take them somewhere where nourishment for my body and soul is served.

There are days too when I just feel fancy and just feel like treating myself — I splurge, go to a rich neighborhood, find a restaurant and kind of like just traversing unfamiliar territories. I find it especially enjoyable here in Japan, though (I guess it is because I think people do not actually give a damn and if they do, they do not really know me anyway.) Usually, at first, I am intimidated by how the people in these places appear to be completely different from me — you know, the way they dress, the quality of the fabric of the clothes they are wearing and even just how they are so calm, composed and naturally elegant. I feel intimidated but I always comfort myself with the thought that they are here for the same reason I have. To eat. After then, I start focusing on choosing the food I can afford. I eat. I dine. I relax. I enjoy what I was doing and where I am. Alone, eating.

If truth be told, I used to be extremely terrified by this scene, actually. Eating alone and just being alone, but I have grown to love challenging myself more and more. I do things that terrifies me the most. I enjoy the feelings it gives me. Plus, being in expensive places or expensive neighborhood where I am like a lost fish out of water is utterly intimidating, but naturally inspiring and just simply humbling. It humbles me down. When I feel lost, it reminds me of where I am in life all the time. It makes me remember where I come from, where I have been, where I have not been to and why I should keep going.

Therefore, my favorite restaurant is the ones that reminds me how there are a lot more to life than being sad, hopeless and apathetic. A rooftop restaurant with panoramic views of the city, where you can enjoy a cocktail (or a glass of orange juice for me now) and some tapas or whatever while watching the sunset or just watching the city functioning systematically through the city lights is one example. Basically, these the ones which remind me that despite the challenges I face in life, there is still so much to be grateful for and to enjoy. They help me to stay positive and keep going, even when things are tough. To put it bluntly, I like the ones that bring me back to my feet and tell me I have no right to complain about life (tough love is what I was raised and brought up with and so this is not to say I am dismissing your, the ones reading this, struggles in life—I just react more positively to this when I say it this way)— that I, we, are all here to enjoy everything that life has to offer. Sounds cliché, but that is just the main thing about life.

In conclusion, my favorite restaurants are more than just places to eat – they are sources of inspiration, comfort, and joy in my life. Whether I am seeking nourishment for my body and soul, exploring new neighborhoods and cuisines, or challenging myself to step outside my comfort zone, these restaurants are always to be relied on. They remind me that even when life feels overwhelming or mundane, like when that “I have done everything. I have tried everything in life. Nothing excites me anymore” kind of a wind blows our direction, there is still so much beauty and richness to be found in the world. I recommend others to seek out their own favorite restaurants and to savor every moment of life’s journey. Remember, there is always something new to discover, and the best way to do it is often through our taste buds. Bon appétit! —marymancee || Random Thoughts || 2nd Daily Writing Prompts: My Favorite Restaurant || April 17, 2023



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