10 Years From Now

10 years from now, I will be 40 years old and surprisingly, I haven’t thought that far long of my life yet. But now that it’s the topic, well, I am currently thinking as I am writing.

Ten years from now, I will be mostly in a modern-interior white grayish living room of a house, the outside design I can’t imagine because it does not matter. All that matter in that house is how it is designed and the lay out on the inside. I imagine being there most of the time, relaxing and doing the things I enjoy doing like day dreaming haha kidding, but there are a lot of things I wanna do. My husband arriving from his work or whatever he does and my kids also arriving after I just finished enjoying what I wanted to do and now ready to welcome them, prepare and make dinner for them, and feed them with love and care as I will probably be the worst cook for them, but because I love them, I will shower them with my utmost care and of course, they will tell me my cooking sucks and my husband hires a chef or make himself the chef of the house because he loves me that much and he loves his life so much — so basically he would not dare tell me I suck otherwise I poison him and he knows that. That is why he loves me because he knows I am a psychopath like this.

When I come home on some of the weekends or on some days probably from doing my endeavors –my business, from my daily walk or jogging, my idealistic creative pursuits and whatnot, my family is there enjoying life and my husband is there, too wanting to complain about baby sitting and etc. but would not because he enjoys it the most, he sees me happy and rolling-squinting my eyes (can you even imagine both being done at the same time?) on his about-to-complain-face. He would not complain because he is a happy person of his own who does not need to work his ass off because he has done all the hard work for money before he got into this marriage with me haha he is stable and he is earning money passively and he only needs to work a few days a month. He is happy to see me all the time because we will have all the amazing sex all day. All we will do is have sex, make babies and enjoy life as we can.

Did you just seriously think I mean all of this? Well, if you did, you are wrong and you are right. Haha I honestly have no idea where I would be ten years from now. Most of them are jokes except for the house interior and having a loving family and a happy man of his own because I would surely will have worked and have become a woman of my own by that time, too. Probably, I would still be in Japan or in the US. I do not really know. But, one thing is for sure, I am grateful you are reading this. It sucks to be alone and but I am glad I am not lonely. I mean, haha have a great day my dear readers. Smile every once in a while, alright!

How about you?

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—marymancee || Random Thoughts || 1st Daily Writing Prompts: 10 Years From Now || The Best Mental and Emotional State I’ve Ever Had//The Best Mood April 16, 2023

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