Just Little Things That Gave Me Joy Today (The Unexpected Surprises in Our Daily Lives)

For the love of me aw haha idk how to start but yeah I knew I had some appointments for today but last night I got so caught up with finishing one of my pursuits that I skipped my routine of charging my phone the one with the internet. Then, in the morning, I was surprised to find out why my phone was dead dead wouldn’t even power on by then I realized I had forgotten to plug it last night, but I had no time to recharge it (this time now) so I had to leave without it . As you know it’s so hard to not have the internet when you are going around Tokyo. Tokyo is like a maze. It is just so easy to get lost.

First appointment, arrived late had to find some Wi-Fi to connect to. Went around Shinjuku station because surprisingly Odakyu department store did not have Wi-Fi anymore or maybe just did not have it at that time?  

Second appointment, a bit late coz had to wait for a local train heading to Daikanyama station cox I had no idea when it was gonna be (coz no internet) 

Luckily , as I was figuring out which exit to go out from at Daikanyama  station, I saw who I was meeting with standing outside the exit on my left and I was like “Oh perfect I don’t need to find some WiFi.” 

My third event for today, I also needed the internet for me to know which direction I should walk to. I already knew  which exit it was (thanks to my friends from appointment 2) and I knew it would only take three minutes from the station but there should be at least 2 directions for me to trial and error which would take mostly around let’s just say I’d be late again or I could find a wifi to connect to. Luckily, I didn’t need to do it because the person climbing the stairs before me looked back as I was trying to run or jump my way climbing the stairs. She turned her head around to check and was surprised and recognized me. She was also heading to the event I was heading so luckily my ass was saved from the adventure of finding a WiFi connection to connect to. 

Talk about lucky. How about you? How lucky did you get today? What was your luck today? 

Why is this a highlight for me because I did not have enough sleep and on days like this things usually just don’t go well with me, but today turned out so good. I’m just so mindful these days and I am giving myself a task (again) to take note and to highlight moments where I noticed a sparkle of joy in my heart. Small things like this is one of the many. I can’t wait to keep on sharing them.

May you find something to smile about and be grateful for today.

—marymancee ✨ || Some Random Thoughts || Something Which Gives Me Joy Today || April 22, 2023

P.S. Here are some photos from today.


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