Barron’s TOEIC 8th Edition Audio Scripts

Model Test 1 Part 3 SCRIPT

Part 3 Conversations 

Directions: You will hear a conversation between two or more people. YOu will see three questions in each conversation and four possible answers. Choose the best answer to each question and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. 

Questions 32-34 refer to the following conversation 

Man: I have a lunch meeting downstairs today until about two. Can we meet then? Or Would later be better for you?

Woman: It will have to be later. I have a..I’ll be in the conference room until five. 

Man: Okay! Let’s meet then because I’d rather not put it off until tomorrow. 

Woman: I’ll bring those photocopies of the budget report. 

Questions 35-37 refer to the following conversation 

Woman: City Wide Realtors, how may I help you?

Man: Yes, I’d like to rent uhmm…I’m looking for an apartment preferably downtown. I’d like to sign a lease this month if possible. 

Woman: Certainly. We have several vacancies listed. Can you tell me your price range? Because you know that neighborhood isn’t the cheapest. 

Man: Yes, I am aware of that. I’ve seen your listings online. I’m wondering if you could, you know show me a few today or tomorrow. Some one-bedroom models or larger.  

Woman: Certainly. Why don’t you stop by my office later today? It’s right by the library. Do you know where that is?

Questions 38-40 refer to the following conversation 

Woman: Front desk. Amanda speaking. How may I help you? 

Man: Yes, uhhm we seem to be missing some towels in room 603. Could you send up two, please? As soon as possible? 

Woman: Of course, I’ll have a housekeeper send it to your right away. 603 you said, right? 

Man: Right. And if we could get some soap too, that would be great. I hope it’s not too much trouble. 

Woman: Not a bit. It’s my job. 

Questions 41-43 refer to the following conversation with three speakers 

Woman: The brochures arrived from the printers this morning.

Man 1: That’s great Mary.  They came much sooner than we expected. 

Man 2: Uhuh, and if we can get them in the mail right away, our customers will have them before the end of the week. 

Woman: Yes, well. I still have to get the address labels on them. I’ll go print those out right now. 

Man 1: I wish I could help you but I have that presentation after work on. 

Man 2: I’m tied up all day too, but if you want after you get those addresses done, I could drive them down to the post office for you.  

Woman: Thanks Jim, that would be very helpful. 

Questions 44-46 refer to the following conversation

Man: Hello. Yes, I’m interested in applying for the job you advertised in today’s newspaper. 

Woman: Thank you for calling. You know we’re a big catering company. Have you ever had a job in the food industry before? 

Man: Uhuh, after I graduated from the National Culinary Institute, I worked for five years as an assistant cook at Bob’s restaurant.  

Woman: That sounds excellent. You may have just the experience we’re looking for.  Could you come in for an interview sometime tomorrow? 

Man: Wait a minute while I check my calendar. Yes, I can be there by two. Can you tell me exactly where you’re located? 

Questions 47-49 refer to the following conversation

Woman: Look at all this rain. I’m really getting tired of it and more rain is predicted tomorrow. 

Man: Really? Then, it looks like I have to call my friend and cancel our 9 o’clock golf game. What a bore! 

Woman: If you’re not going to play golf, why don’t you do to the movie with me? We haven’t been in a while. 

Man: Sorry, but if I’m not playing golf, I am not going anywhere. I’ll just stay home and take a nice rest. 

Questions 50-52 refer to the following conversation

Man: Drive past the park and turn right and you’ll see a bank on the next corner. It’s a small brick building just across the street from the library.

Woman: Does it have a drive-in window? So I won’t have to you know get out of the car 

Man: Yes, and there’s also a parking lot next door, too.  Just in case. It’s not hard to find. It’s just 5 minutes from here.  

Questions 53-55 refer to the following conversation with three speakers

Woman 1: Hey Sam! Do you know what time it is? Nine thirty. You’re fifteen minutes late. Why can’t you ever arrive on time? 

Man: Sorry. The bus was delayed. Traffic was bad all over the city this morning, you know with all this rain. 

Woman 2: He’s right Jane. Didn’t you see how hard it was coming down? 

Woman 1:Right, but we all know that buses are late when it rains. We have to leave home earlier in bad weather. 

Man: I’ll just drive next time. It’s faster. 

Woman 2: You’ll still run into heavy traffic even in your own car. 

Questions 56-58 refer to the following conversation

Man: Have you got everything in order for your trip next Sunday? 

Woman: Just about. I find a flight that’s leaving at noon. I’ve decided to go first class. It’s more comfortable than business class. 

Man: Wow! That’s a bit pricey, isn’t it? The flight is only an hour long. 

Woman: That’s true. But I checked the prices and decided I could afford it especially since I put it on my credit card so I can take the rest of the year to pay for it if I want. 

Man: Well, it’s up to you of course. Will your cousins meet you at the airport? 

Woman: Yes, I can’t wait to see them. 

Questions 59-61 refer to the following conversation

Woman: Have you seen Joe? He’s not in his office. He’s not even in the break room. I can’t find him anywhere. 

Man: He’s going to pick up Evelyn at the airport. She’s coming in on a 10 o’clock flight. 

Woman: Ah right, I forgot. I wanted to ask him. I need him to check my figures on the monthly report, but I guess it can wait. 

Man: He’ll be back before noon. I know because we have a lunch date, then. 

Woman: That’ll be plenty of time. I don’t need to make the final copies until tomorrow. 

Questions 62-64 refer to the following conversation

Man: I’m going down to the cafeteria for a quick lunch. Will you join me? 

Woman: No, thanks. I don’t really care for the food there. I brought a sandwich from home, but while you’re down there, could you get my mail from the mail room? I’m expecting a package. 

Man: Sorry, but I won’t be coming back right away. I’ve got an appointment with a client at 2. It’s all the way downtown. I plan to take the bus so I’ll be gone for a while. 

Woman: Oh, okay then. Nevermind. I’ll get it myself. 

Questions 65-67 refer to the following conversation and train schedule 

Woman: George, would you check the train schedule, please? I’d like to leave for the Brookfield office as soon as tomorrow morning’s workshop is over.  

Man: Okay, I know there are several trains a day. Around what time would you want to leave? 

Woman: As soon as after eleven is possible and I’d like to arrive in Brookfield by two. 

Man: Got it. I’ll let you know as soon as I made the reservation and I’ll let the Brookfield staff know when to expect you.  

Woman: Perfect and please arrange a car to take me to the station. 

Questions 68-70 refer to the following conversation and menu 

Woman: This place looks wonderful. Why haven’t I been here before? 

Man: I don’t know. It’s been here for quite a while. Anyhow, even though it isn’t large, this cafe has the best lunch menu around  

Woman: I’m in the mood for soup. What do you recommend? 

Man: The carrot beef is good. Oh, but you’re a vegetarian. 

Woman: Right, but here’s a soup I can try. I’ll take that. Do you want to sit on the patio? The view of the park looks nice. 

Man: It’s getting late. I think we better just take our food back to work and eat at our desks.  


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