Joel Osteen’s Jokes “Directions and the Stray Dog”

Looking for something to make you smile or laugh today? Try this.

“Bubba and the Stray Dog”

“I heard about this man named, Bubba. He lived way out of the country. There’s this stray dog that kept showing up at his house. His wife said, “Bubba, you have to put the dog in the truck and take him out to the woods and drop him off. That’s where he lives.”

Bubba drove him a mile down the road, dropped him off. When he came back home, the dog was walking up the driveway. Practically, beating him back. He did the same thing, it happened again. His wife said, “Bubba, you have to take him way out. Drive him around in circles, get him mixed up.”

Bubba drove him an hour away -crisscrossed country road he’s never driven before dropped the dog off. Two hours later, Bubba called his wife from the truck and said, “Did that dog make it back home?”

She said, “Yeah, here comes walking up.” He said, “Do me a favor. Put him on the line. I need directions. “

You Have a Defender, Joel Osteen

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