The Fifteen Types Of Women That You Should Avoid to Have a Long-term Relationship. — Ouso Escrever

A very good read I found today. Hopefully, you find it useful, entertaining, informative, or whatever (insert a grinning emoji).

Currently, this is me and these are why if I were a man, maybe I would not date myself, either. Huh! The toxins in me 😛

9.The Drama Queen: Tend to be unaware of their real feelings. (Except now I know what my issues are and am working on them.) Are usually overly concerned with physical attractiveness and dress in a sexually seductive manner.(I like dressing up because it makes me feel good. I loved it since I was a kid. My dressing up fashionably and sometimes sexily is not for seduction purposes, but if you are someone I like and you get seduced, it’s a bonus.) Drama queens share some features of borderline personality disorder, which is characterized by instability in identity and relationships. These people experience intense mood swings. (Uhmmm, that’s why I belong to this category because I have been having a lot of mood swings recently but I read an article it is just more likely due to PTSD. Hopefully. Or maybe I am currently BPD. Geez, no, I don’t want to be one.) “You often feel when you’re with them they’re terribly engaged with you and as soon as you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind.”

10.The Princess Mentality: Suffering from Princess syndrome is more common than you may believe. A girl or woman who suffers from Princess Syndrome lives life or wants her life to be a fairy-tale. She may learn that she cannot be self-sufficient, and she has to rely on a savior or the prince with the white horse. Although she may appear as a fragile/inoffensive woman, her passive-aggressive and demanding behavior over time will make you feel drained and exhausted. (I do not want my life to be a fairy-tale and I do not want to rely on a savior, but sometimes I feel like I want to, especially these days. Knight and shining armor! Please, where are you? haha I do have the tendency to be passive-aggressive though but luckily I am ware of this now so I am working on not being passive-aggressive.)

15.The Daddy Issue Girl: If you are dating a woman with a father complex or daddy issues, unless she did the necessary healing work, it can damage your relationship because this woman never felt loved or enough for her father. These types of fathers were emotionally unavailable and left in their daughters an impressive void that they need to suppress in their intimate relationship. In intimate relationships, these women feel they have to be perfect and rarely argue or get mad. However, they become very disappointed when they discover that their prince charming, weren’t that charming after all. (Uhmmm, currently, I still have a bit of these Daddy Issues but I am working on healing myself from these.)

– Alexandria Maria Santos
How about you? Which type(s) of toxic female behavior do you have?


“The more time a person invests emotionally in a relationship (even an overall negative one), the more a person will persevere to try to make it work (even though it hasn’t been working, resulting in a tricky cycle). And because there is still basic attachment and love in such relationships, any self-awareness, any intellectual truths, are pushed to the side, and their choices become heavily ruled by their emotions.”Madeleine A. Fugère Ph.D.

The Fifteen Types Of Women That You Should Avoid to Have a Long-term Relationship. — Ouso Escrever

May 12, 2022 5 P.M.

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