For How Long? A Poetry of a Broken Trust

When there’s no trust, how will it last? If it doesn’t last, why not put in the trash?

If I put it in the trash, why not right in a dash? What is it really that I am trying to keep in this stash?

So to loop you readers in, once there was a trust so strong, a bond that seemed to last so long. But one day it all fell apart, leaving only a disappointed indifferent heart.

The promises made were just words, empty and hollow like chirping birds. The trust we shared was shattered glass, leaving behind only doubts and mistrust.

I thought I could count on you, that you’d always be honest and true. But now I see the truth so clear, that you might actually never totally there.

The memories we shared are now stained, with the trust we had that was in vain. I’ll try to move on from this loss, and find someone who’s worth the cost.

But for now, I’ll keep my distance (maybe?), and remember the pain with insistence. For lost trust is not easily regained, and it’s better to move on than to be restrained. —marymancee

—my lame poetry/when the universe be testing me, marymancee ✨4/16/2023 || The Lost Trust. Christmas 2022. January 19, 2023. February 16, 2023.

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