The Catcher in the Rye

As I have been reading this one, I couldn’t help but wonder why a lot of people has actually said that this is something good. The only reason I spent 1,600+ Japanese yen for a book is because I’ve seen it mentioned in one of the books I really liked reading “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” . Also, some of my friends kept on mentioning this “The Catcher in the Rye” in their recommendation, so it really piqued my curiosity.

This book has like 25 chapter in it, well it says 26 but the last one is only a page, but yeah I am already on the 17th, then went to the 20th chapter, but I still didn’t see any point that interested me. When I am about to finish the 20th, all the more that I wanted to really finish it. I just wished I could skip all the cursing and vulgar language and then just go to the ending instead but then if I did that, I would be like wasting the pennies I spent on it. Because of this, I opted to continue reading regardless if I had to be so mindful of the the pictures it painted my mind and make sure the negative vibes it gives are countered with positive thoughts so the unappetizing attitude of the main character wouldn’t go to my subconscious. Unfortunately though, whenever I read this one on my way to work, I would still end up feeling like not-giving-a-fuck about anything and just being so pessimistic and such. Like just being so unappreciative of the things around me. Like I couldn’t feel so pleasant about everything else. Most of the time, I am bothered by how the tone of what I am reading is being absorbed in my mind unconsciously.

I guess it’s because once I have been like this kind of a somehow self-absorbed person. One of the traits I have outgrown and would rather put into its deep permanent sleep. That feeling of being so “judgy”, righteous and entitled as if because I understood most of the things mature people do, why they do it and the consequences of things, the insincerity or politeness I sometimes in my life questioned, I felt liked I knew everything. I understood life and just kept on judging on the things around me that don’t coincide with my beliefs. Discounting everything and everyone I didn’t like and couldn’t appreciate. You see? These are just negative traits to have that I don’t want to have. This is why I have to be on guard with my thoughts reading this book. All the time I have to or else I feel shitty and the words and the scene I painted in my head while reading just kept on echoing inside and it would reflect on my mood.

Yeah so anyway, this book is just so intriguing from the start until the end. Although, I am not a teenager anymore, this book really reminded me of my growing years and I just don’t want to be like that angry pessimistic negative person, anymore. Nevertheless, I like how it reminds me that I was once a super entitled little person thinking I understood and knew everything and kept on silently judging everybody around me and how boring that phase of my life was. Then, I can also relate to hating hypocrisies “phonies”, then judging whether people are just being “phonies” or not and all but then in life as I grew older, these things are necessary and are unavoidable. We either go through it or just really be “phonies” sometimes. Having phonies or being one, is just one of the things that make life interesting.

But seriously now though, I am really unsure whether I should recommend this to my younger brother or not. I always want to make sure that what I give to him is something useful. In what way this book is useful to a teenager? This I can not see.

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